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About Me

Hi there & welcome to The Healthful Ideas!

Thank you so much for visiting my blog. My name is Veronika and I’m 22. I live in the Czech Republic but I decided to write my blog only in English because almost everything I do online is in English and writing in English just feels more natural to me. My hobbies are photography and cooking which is one of the reasons I created this blog, it’s a great combination of the two. Trying out new recipes and discovering new flavors is so much fun, as is sharing the results with others. I hope you enjoy my blog and the recipes as much as I do and that it helps you to make healthier decisions for you and the people you love.

I aspire to give people the information they need to live a long and happy life and I aim to inspire them to pass on what they’ve learned about healthy food with their friends and family, so everyone can have the option to choose what’s best for them, live life to the fullest and have (as David Wolfe would say) the best time ever.

Everything you find here is plant-based, focusing on raw foods and superfoods. My goal is to show people that eating healthy doesn’t have to be a chore. You don’t have to chew on plain kale to be healthy, in fact it can be fun and really delicious! I love how people react when you give them something you made and they simply can’t believe it’s actually good for them, it’s priceless.

Are you a vegan / vegetarian / raw foodist / pescetarian / etc.?

None of the above and all of it at the same time. For me, labels are limitations. Nobody likes restrictions. I could say “I’m a raw foodist with a few exceptions.”, but that’s just too confusing.


I love raw food, I love vegetables and fruits in general and that’s what I eat the most of. I may add a bit of goat cheese, some eggs, or honey to my meal but that’s about it. I hardly ever consume any other animal products but I don’t call myself a vegetarian or a vegan because I don’t like labels. If anything, my diet is plant-based.

Don’t overcomplicate it. Eat organic. Mostly plants. Add superfoods.

How and when did you start this lifestyle?

I first changed my diet for the better in April 2013 and all of the sudden (in about 5 months but when I look back at it, it feels like a week) lost 25kg I struggled to lose for years.

I skipped sugary drinks, drank only water, ate more vegetables and fruits, started working out and Bam!— in a few months, I was a different person.

What really pushed me into doing this was my health condition. I suffered from back pain (not so typical when you’re 18), I was overweight, had thyroid problems, digestion issues, a weak immune system, I was constantly tired and generally didn’t feel good. My health was going kind of downhill, to say the least.

One fine afternoon I was forced to do more push-ups and sit-ups at school than my spine was ready for and the following morning I woke up unable to move my neck. I went to a physical therapist hoping she’d fix me but after not even 15 minutes, the massage was too much, my head started spinning and I just could not take it so she sent me to the doctor. He “fixed” my neck with a loud crack and I suddenly could move again. Yay happy ending!!(?) Not so fast. A week or so went by and there I was, at his door asking for pain relieve, yet again. Long story short, I ended up on an IV in a rehabilitation center, which helped me ease the pain and relax the stiff muscles on my neck. It wasn’t until then, that I thought I should really do something about all this. I started going to a rehabilitation therapist regularly and my back got better and better. My spine straightened out and my constant dizziness became occasional. That was the first time I did something regarding my health regularly and seeing the improvements really motivated me to keep going. Somewhere along the line I simply decided to have some strawberries and watermelon instead of chocolate cookies and that was it, the rest is history. I still have the pictures, it literally seems like yesterday. I took pictures of my food every day for a couple of months. I didn’t post them anywhere, it was sort of a photo diary for me, to keep track of what I was eating. It’s really exciting and rewarding to look back at them from time to time. Looking back at it, seeing the improvements and how much my diet evolved even since then is priceless.

If I can inspire just one person to turn the page and change their lifestyle for the better, I’ve succeeded.


I got deeper into nutrition, raw foods and superfoods in the beginning of 2014 and even more after the summer when I came back from New York with an overload of superfood powders. That’s when the whole superfood madness started for me. I love adding them to my morning smoothies and I really enjoy learning new stuff about natural healing and all the amazing properties of raw foods.

I also learned it’s not all just about what you feed your body with, but also what you feed your mind with. It’s crazy how hard it is for people nowadays to accept and love themselves the way they are. When you do so and let go of all the things that weight you down, something magical happens – you elevate and change – for the better.

Join me on this journey, check out my delicious healthy recipes and try them out for yourself. Change your life for the better, food does matter. It’s going to be fun and delicious, I promise! :)