Easy Creamy Canned Salmon Pasta

What you'll need: Pasta Avocado oil Onion Garlic Tomato paste Sundried tomatoes Capers Fresh dill Canned salmon Milk Parmesan or pecorino

Cook pasta in a large pot. While it's cooking, saute onion and garlic for a few minutes with tomato paste.

Add sundried tomatoes, capers, and dill and stir to combine.

Add drained canned salmon, break it up gently into smaller pieces, and mix together with sauce.

Add milk of choice and parmesan and stir to melt the cheese.

Strain and rinse the pasta and toss with the sauce. Save some pasta water and add it to the sauce as needed.

Serve garnished with more black pepper, parmesan, and fresh dill.

You can find the full recipe with measurements and extra tips via the link below!