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  • Baobab Mango Green Smoothie - delicious refreshing breakfast recipe with only a couple ingredients. I love this smoothie! It's tangy, it's sweet, it's satysfying and really good for you! | thehealthfulideas.com

    Baobab Mango Green Smoothie

    I have to start today’s post on a completely nonfood related note because I’m simply too excited to keep quiet about it!! What’s the great news? Well, it started with me absentmindedly browsing the…

    April 14, 2016
  • Raw Blackberry Orange Buckwheat Porridge - delicious raw vegan breakfast. I love this recipe - it's my go-to breakfast! It's sweet, fruity, healthy, and full of amazing nutrients! | thehealthfulideas.com

    Raw Blackberry Orange Buckwheat Porridge

    Dear raw buckwheat porridge, I’m so glad I discovered you. No, but seriously, if you follow me on snapchat you probably already know how much I’ve been obsessed with raw buckwheat porridge lately. I’ve…

    April 7, 2016