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  • The Best Cheesy Vegan Avocado Spread - healthy and delicious spread you can whip up in a matter of minutes. I love this recipe! Avocado, nutritional yeast, and spices - nothing more! vegan & gluten-free |

    The Best Cheesy Vegan Avocado Spread

    What makes the best cheesy vegan avocado spread you ask? It’s the perfect combination of nutritional yeast, delicious creamy avocados, and spices such as garlic, onion, and herbs. I love how this spread turned…

    June 9, 2016
  • Maple Banana Granola - delicious easy to make granola full of nuts and seeds. Gluten-free and refined-sugar free! I love this granola, it's so simple yet so heavenly. |

    Maple Banana Granola

    Granola time! I wish I had Anita’s coconut yogurt right now which I bought a few times while I was in New York and completely fell in love with. Can you believe there is…

    June 2, 2016
  • Du Puy Lentil Salad with Fennel and Sweet Potatoes - we LOVE this recipe! It's filling, flavorful, vegan, and really easy to make. Du Puy lentils have a nutty flavor and combined with the sweet potatoes and fennel it's absolutely devine! |

    Du Puy Lentil Salad with Fennel and Sweet Potato

    Spring is finally here you guys!! *happy dance* I honestly feel like I’m the only one actually happy about daylight saving time. I mean, longer days?? More sun? Anyone? I never thought I’d say…

    March 31, 2016
  • Raw Chocolate Covered Cookies - vegan and delicious, these chocolatey cookies are actually healthy! Great for Valentine's Day or any other day of the week when you're craving something sweet! Store them in the fridge or in the freezer. |

    Raw Chocolate Covered Cookies

    Two recipes in one week? What’s happening?! Well, my friend, Valentine’s Day is happening and I’ve been really inspired to make Valentine’s Day themed recipes so here is yet another one! If you don’t…

    February 11, 2016
  • Cheesy Vegan Popcorn - a delicious healthy twist on the classic. Popped the old-fashioned way on the stove with coconut oil and then spiced to perfecting. Ridiculously easy to make! |

    Cheesy Vegan Popcorn

    Cheesy Vegan Popcorn?! Yes, that’s right! And it’s so delicious you won’t even miss the cheese. It’s salty, cheesy, and satisfying. It’s basically everything you want from popcorn. I always loved the popcorn you…

    January 14, 2016
  • Chocolate Hazelnut Bites - sweet and chocolatey bliss balls, delicious any time of the year. A perfect snack for busy days. Vegan and absolutely heavenly! |

    Easy Chocolate Hazelnut Bites

    I can’t believe it’s already December 21st! Christmas is almost here and I’m sure everyone is in holiday mood shopping and wrapping presents, baking Christmas cookies or decorating the house. As for me, I…

    December 14, 2015
  • Gingerbread Granola - delicious and healthy alternative to store bought granola that's usually full of sugar. I love this recipe! Gingerbread flavored granola is heavenly, it's the ultimate Christmas snack. |

    Gingerbread Granola

    Granola is one of my favorite snacks because it’s sweet, crunchy, and there are so many flavor options. Store-bought granola is usually full of sugar and other ingredients you don’t really want so I…

    December 3, 2015
  • Zucchini Fritters - delicious and healthy gluten free snack. I love this recipe because it easy to make and it iinvolves minimum ingredients! |

    Zucchini Fritters

    You could say that these zucchini fritters are essentially just really delicious savory pancakes. And who could say no to pancakes, right? Instead of topping them with chocolate sauce, dip them in hummus or goat milk cream…

    November 19, 2015